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Those wasting tax payer money for surveillance of harmless private citizens may claim that their intentions are noble,they are concerned about security, but actually it is sexual harassment of the worst possible kind, when the security is not asked for. If people have doubts about a person's intentions they can keep her under surveillance for a month or two, but keeping a person under surveillance for several years, is abuse of human rights. The person under surveillance is like an animal in a zoo, but at least in a zoo, the animals are provided with food and taken care of by the zoo keeper.

However, if a webmaster is under surveillance in India, it is usually because of jealousy and intention to grab the business not security. The cruel human animals who order and implement the surveillance are even worse than the zoo keepers, they steal whatever work and assignments the surveillance target has, by intercepting emails, phone calls, SMSes, postal mails, giving fake references and give it to their undeserving relatives and friends, so that the surveillance target is left penniless. There is absolutely no system in place to stop this harassment, no redressal mechanism to stop the waste of tax payer money.

Google wants more Indian women to spend time and money online and have launched a campaign for the same. Does Google really want more Indian women to lead a life worse than a zoo animal, subjected to infinite human rights abuses, with infinite Indian tax payer money wasted to ruin their life, to leave penniless, without any grievance redressal mechanism. An open question to Larry Page, Sergey Brin and others in Google's top management of the "Don't be evil company".

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