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The personal and financial information of a single woman should always be kept confidential for safety reasons, as a single woman is more vulnerable and has no one to protect her. As indicated earlier, personal and financial information was leaked during surveillance making the woman an easy target for blackmailers and extortionists all over the country, who were looking for easy money. It allowed them to make numerous false allegations without proof, based solely on the surveillance footage that was leaked and the powerful corrupt people in the Indian internet industry who wanted to humiliate the single woman provided protection, support and encouragement to these blackmailers and extortionists, considering them to be saints, when they were actually cheap liars out to exploit a vulnerable single woman.

Today it is impossible to lead a normal life due to the threat from these blackmailers and extortionists, difficult to get local customers, as they are likely to make false allegations without proof, especially if they have powerful backers like politicians and intelligence agency officials. Those who were involved in the defamation conveniently remain anonymous and have not compensated the single woman a single penny for the loss of reputation.

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