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Legal advice is needed regarding intentional denial of information by vendor, and theft of leads.

The Vendor is a big internet company in India which has refused to provide information despite making repeated requests, multiple visits to their office. It is believed that this information was intentionally denied to cause business losses, as the company has a reputation of taking over smaller companies by using tactics which are not exactly ethical.

They have provided the same information to others from well connected families very willingly, but have denied the online publisher who is their customer, the information resulting in great financial losses and loss of reputation. If the information was provided, the online publisher could have taken decisions accordingly. For example, siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, who looks like kim kardashian, and has committed an act of corporate espionage on this online publisher, nayanshree who cheated this online publisher, has access to this confidential information as a reward for her act of espionage and cheating, while multiple people have intentionally denied this publisher the information. There is no logical reason for this blatant discrimination except nepotism and corruption.

If a doctor refuses to provide correct information to the patient, he can be held responsible for medical negligence, and made to pay compensation or even lose his license to practice. In this case, the domain registrar has intentionally refused to be honest, despite making repeated requests. This denial of information has also affected the life of the online publisher, who will never ever be able to lead a normal life.

It also appears that opportunities which are available to most webmasters, domain investors in India are systematically denied to this online publisher, resulting in financial losses, by misusing the surveillance she is subjected to, for no valid reason.

Google and Tata group are working overtime to ensure that opportunities are only available to their select corrupt proteges who they can manipulate as they wish, for reasons not related to merit , and denied to experienced and honest webmasters.

There is no transparency or redressal mechanism in the internet sector for the exploited webmaster to get justice.

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