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Legal help needed to file a case of harassment, cheating, identity theft, fraudulent appointment to important government jobs, and other problems listed elsewhere in the website, against google with the competition commission of india and other IT and internet companies.We have received the following mail from competition commission of india, regarding the practises of google. The retirement savings of twenty years this online publisher have also been stolen allegedly by powerful officials instigated by google, to make it difficult to cover legal expenses, in filing the case. Hence the publisher would like to jointly file a case with any other publisher whose life has been destroyed in a similar manner.

Subject Request for becoming party in ongoing case against Google.
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Date Tue,16 Sep 2014 05:47:24

F.No. GC/2013/3056/INV-CCI
Date: 09.09.2014
Ms. Neena K
Email: ****
Ref: Your E-mail dated 13.03.2014 addressed to The Secretary, Competition Commission of India
With reference to your e-mail on the above subject, you are hereby informed that you may file an application as per the procedure mentioned in the Clause 24 of the Competition Commission of India (General) Regulations, 2009. Please visit our website for further details.

Smita Jhingran
Competition Commission of India

However the fees needed to file a case with cci are substantial, experienced indian webmasters do not receive any support from powerful officials in india and the publishers retirement savings of twenty years are missing, Hence we want a lawyer to help us to help frame a case against google, retrieve the retirement savings, and also find out google's role in the theft of these savings, as part of its strategy to destroy competition in india.

Allegedly numerous inexperienced mediocre lazy young women who fake experience, qualification, indulge in fraud, cheating, corporate espionage have been rewarded, protected ,appointed to important government jobs with fake references of the webmaster's experience instead of facing the consequences of their fraud which would mean the end of a career and jail in any other sector. These cruel dishonest young women have also been given powers of surveillance over their victim to attack her whenever they feel like to ruin her health, steal her correspondence , given credit for the revenues of their victim, and lucrative assigments, powers and privileges at the expense of their victim, who has got nothing,

There is no reason why inexperienced lazy cruel greedy cheater young women should get the experience, qualification and investment overnight of a woman who they have cheated but otherwise has no connection with them in any way, just because their extremely powerful boyfriends hate the experienced woman who they have viciously cheated and exploited. why do these lazy cruel young women have to get the experience overnight without working for it, just because their powerful boyfriends can endlessly sexually harass and torture a harmless experienced woman to get benefit for their mediocre girlfriends.

Apparently the competition commision of india has sent this notice to other internet companies in India, not to the young lazy frauds promoted by large corporates in goa, bangalore and other places like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, and others who powerful officials falsely claim are owners of this website , to appoint them to very important government jobs at the expense of the webmaster

Bangalore cybercrime - email to the cybercrime cell requesting help.

Looking for a lawyer who can help end this problem permanently. Please send email to websites (at) or or use the contact form

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