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One of the biggest problems working online is how common fake recruitment scams are. Lazy slim young liars like sunaina of devki kripa, la campala colony, panaji, goa get positions of power and access to confidential information for doing nothing except being an accomplice to powerful officials in a scam which involves cheating a vulnerable woman of the position she deserves by abusing their powers. Ebay is one of the companies that has been misled by the cheater sunaina and her powerful backer, at the expense of ebay's real customer who has been been subjected to a nasty and malicious slander campaign by this powerful official. when lazy young women like sunaina get great powers for doing nothing, except being an accomplice in a major scam, they become extremely arrogant, showering abuses and threatening everyone who talks to them. Others who are benefiting from fake references are siddhi mandrekar, .

To get an idea of how the lazy young and slim sunaina backed by the tata group and google group, for her fraud and lies looks like, check the image below.

Sunaina cheater

It is believed that some senior officials in NTRO, R&AW, CBI, military intelligence or similarly intelligence agencies were misled by well connected young women, as a result which they got fake references and lucrative positions affiliated with intelligence agencies. These young women were falsely credited with 20 years experience, when they did not have even one years work experience. As a result these young women have access to confidential information, which they are misusing to cause problems for harmless internet users with 20 years experience and online exporters in India.

Since security agencies are exempt from RTI, legal help is needed to know how a civilian who is adversely affected by this fake reference scam can stop these young scammers accessing and misusing confidential information, ensure that the young women are appointed on the basis of their real experience only.

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