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Legal help needed for corporate espionage, background provided below: An experienced webmaster had contacted a young woman who gave her name as siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa who was looking for work and said that she had completed her medical electronics diploma from father agnel, verna in 2012. In the second meeting, siddhi mandrekar committed corporate espionage by betraying the webmasters trust and has allegedly injected sophisticated malware on the laptop. this malware allowed siddhi mandrekar and her associates to monitor all the activities on the webmasters computer, and make unauthorised changes, resulting in wastage of time and money.

Allegedly Siddhi mandrekar then started claiming that she was involved in the webmasters business, though there was no connection . Thus siddhi mandrekar got all the lucrative positions the webmaster should have got because of her experience and investments, while the webmaster has got nothing because all the positions are stolen by siddhi mandrekar, who is an excellent liar. since siddhi mandrekar, is very glamorous, young and looks like kim kardashian all the powerful men in the indian internet industry are blind to her misdeeds, has allegedly used the casting couch, and are promoting her extensively despite her act of fraud and corporate espionage.

additionally siddhi mandrekar now has access to confidential information due to the lucrative position she has allegedly got probably in NTRO, R&AW , CBI and other intelligence agencies, and is misusing it to cause further losses to the webmaster who made the mistake of trusting her. She and her associates are tampering with the laptop repeatedly to waste time, and has blocked payments from foreign websites by spreading false rumours, stealing important correspondence ,because of the powers she has been given by her powerful boyfriends, making it difficult for the webmaster to earn a living

Allegedly big internet and other companies like Google, Amazon, Tata Group and Hostgator are protecting, promoting and encouraging the cybercriminal siddhi mandrekar in this act of corporate espionage. It is a reflection of complete lack of morals of these companies that they are supporting this vicious backstabber , ruthless liar siddhi mandrekar. She may have changed her name to escape the consequences of her fraud

Kindly suggest if there is anyone in India or elsewhere who can help a single woman webmaster take legal action against siddhi mandrekar for corporate espionage, which has resulted in tremendous financial and other losses, so that her true nature is revealed and get compensation for mental stress and financial losses caused by her.

It is believed that an NTRO, R&AW, CBI or military intelligence employee siddhi mandrekar has been given fake references to get a position in the organization. Before her appointment, she was involved in corporate espionage and had injected malware in the webmasters laptop, which allows her to tamper with the laptop remotely. The malware injected is known only to select security agencies who are not covered by RTI, and is used to inject malware to my websites repeatedly.

Investigator has to indicate the procedure to find out which organization she is working in using the fake references .Please send your offer and contact details to

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