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Lawyer needed to help a woman deal with selective discrimination, because of which she has been denied information about many important events, and also made a virtual prisoner, making it impossible to communicate with anyone, as all forms of communication are intercepted.

Despite being a major domain investor, she has been refused information, which has been readily provided to married women, younger women, and others from well connected families. This has resulted in great losses, and loss of reputation. She is put under surveillance for years without a valid reason, and this surveillance is misused to cause ruin her health and cause major business losses, theft of business secrets. Numerous people are misusing her name without her permission, by misusing the surveillance causing more losses.Her emails are intercepted and every person she contacts is told malicious lies, probably by associates of government officials.

Looking for a lawyer who can help end this selective discrimination, and to get compensation for the losses caused by the discrimination and harassment.

Looking for a lawyer who can help end this problem permanently. Please send email to websites (at) useful.in or info@marketingpartner.biz

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