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Due to the carelessness, greed, arrogance, ignorance and jealousy of powerful people, they assumed that the business of a single woman entrepreneur was illegal. They then put her under surveillance wasting Indian tax payer money to find proof to support the imaginary allegations against the business owner. If a person has any doubts or needs clarifications, he or she should ask the person for clarifications directly. There is no harm in asking, it is the standard procedure followed everyone.

However, in the Indian internet industry, people are too arrogant and careless to ask, they assume they are always right. So they arrogantly wasted infinite tax payer money to put a single woman under surveillance to find proof to support their allegation. They then leaked her personal and financial information to many unscrupulous people, who were then able to make false accusations against her and extort her hard earned money.

Today it is difficult for the woman to lead a normal life, meet people, do business, because of the defamation she is subjected to. Those who ordered the surveillance conveniently remain anonymous and unpunished for the problems caused by their arrogance, ignorance, carelessness and greed, and are unwilling to even issue a formal apology which could make the life of the woman they have wronged simpler.

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