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Legal action needed to get compensation for content fraud This a story of the vicious bullying and cheating of a vulnerable single woman by her powerful jealous batchmates from college who made the mistake of thinking that the woman was a lazy fool, who they could easily bully and destroy . In countries like India, women are usually treated badly, do not fight for their rights and these powerful men thought they would get away with it.

While there are many cases of exploitation, the Iwriter exploitation and cheating is the worst. The single woman was terrorised into paying her hard earned money to various friends of these powerful men, by putting her under surveillance, stalking her and hacking all her electronic devices. One of the women she was terrorised into paying her money to was Nayanshree Hathwar, wife of a Tata power executive, Guruprasad Hathwar. Nayanshree and her gang were experts in faking concern for the single woman, and got control over because they managed to convince people that their concern for the single woman was real.

In reality, Nayanshree and her gang were only interested in exploiting and cheating the single woman, to get the maximum benefits for themselves. Later on when the single woman found the the content submitted by Nayanshree did not pass copyscape, and tried to contact her to get a refund, Nayanshree conveniently refused to reply, an indication of how big a cheater and fraud she was. Google and Tata group, India largest business group, is protecting and encouraging scammers like nayanshree hathwar, showing their true colours. Nayanshree and her husband built a new house in Bangalore, with the money stolen, and were supported by sameer halepete, the vice president of Nvidia

Today, it is ironic that cheaters like nayanshree who conned a single woman by submitting articles that did not pass copyscape, are given great powers, and control of websites like iwriter, which they misuse to harass genuine indian writers. Many indian writers submit content to iwriter, and the content is rejected, but still used by the requester. In other cases, the opportunities available to the writers are limited.

The single woman has no one to support her financially, and has invested large amounts online, gets no support from the indian internet industry to get even a part of her hard earned money back, while a conwoman like nayanshree hathwar, is showered with great powers and privileges. Nayanshree hathwar will be supported by her husband and tata group for the rest of her life, given great powers, when she committed content fraud, while the single woman who has been cheated of her hard earned money, also has positions which she should have got stolen and given to Nayanshree by the tata group and google, whose unofficial policy in India is to encourage and protect frauds.

We are looking for a lawyer to trace nayanshree hathwar, and negotiate compensation from her for the duplicate content she has submitted.

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