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Abuse of power
Legal help needed to file a case of ageism against tata and google, wherein they are inducing government officials to spread false rumours that their young girlfriends are involved in the webmasters business, when these young women are actually not doing anything at all. These officials have put the experienced webmaster under surveillance by giving flimsy excuses. The surveillance is then misused to monitor online activities, monitor emails, and make false claims on behalf of their young girlfriends.

By doing so, a number of lucrative positions and great powers are given to these young women, for doing nothing at all except getting fake references from powerful officials, while the experienced webmaster gets nothing, because of the ageism prevalent online and the extreme prejudice and hatred of these officials of older women, who are not as good looking as younger women. In the fake references, these officials claim that their young friends have twenty years experience, when many of them have no work experience. These young women then misuse the ill gotten powers to harass the older webmaster making it difficult to earn a living.

Hence we want a lawyer to investigate several young women and their associates, to get information about the corporates who are instigating, supporting and protecting these women in their fraud, to end the problem permanently and get legal compensation for the losses caused by them.

Looking for a lawyer who can help end this problem permanently. Please send email to websites (at) useful.in or info@marketingpartner.biz

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